Monday, February 1, 2010


Did you ever see that movie? Early '90's, Richard Gere. Facets of life, past and present intersecting. (Unfortunately for Richard, things didn't work out so well for him. He died at the end of the movie - thus never having to deal with the intersection of these events. But I digress.)

The theme of 'intersection' describes 2010 for me. Lawyer, mother, daughter, wife, friend, student, novice, blank slate. A carnival of thoughts and emotions initiated by specific events - pneumonia and much time on my hands within which to ruminate, the rekindling and reworking and redefinition of old friendships, the buying of a new building into which we will move our office. It is curious, the ability of the past to thrust into the reality of the present. Past and present intersecting.

How do we become who it is we find ourselves today? When did our conscious choices take on a life of their own, leading us to places we did not consciously choose to go?

I've been mashing these thoughts, truths, realities around in my head for weeks now. I'm optimistic that I will come to a place where the sense of it all no longer eludes me. Till then, I am enjoying the surprises, the depth and understanding of myself and the remarkable sense of calm I feel.


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  1. Scully, you are at a crossroads.
    Read Scene One :)
    X, a/nyc