Sunday, August 2, 2009

Social Media

The term 'social media' is all over the, well, media. In an effort to stay cool and hip (and possibly make some rain), I've joined FaceBook, LinkedIn and have set up my avvo profile. I haven't spent enough time with LinkedIn to understand the benefits and my avvo profile is remarkably boring until I can get some clients or fellow attorneys to rate me. And it just seems kind of sad sending email to people I may not have spoken with in some time: "please rate me".

I am rather enjoying FB. One of the first people with whom I connected was Trace Hanson, an old friend from Kutztown University. Trace designed the header for this blog - thanks!!!

Thru FB I've also reconnected with high school friends and we are now planning an unofficial Reunion Run - it appears that many of us are now runners (or maybe they were all running back then, I know I wasn't) and we'll be doing the Seaside Heights 1/2 Marathon in October.

Have I gotten new clients from Social Media? Probably not. But I have had a good time finding and catching up with old friends under the guise of developing a tech presence for professional purposes.

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