Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What We Do

I am continually amazed that people - our own clients included - do not know what it is Jim and I do at C&C Law. We've got a big sign on the side of our building with our name and 'Workers' Comp/Auto Accidents/Slip and Fall' written out in big letters. We send out a (sort of) frequent newsletter addressing what we do. Our phone book ads reiterate what it is we do.

And yet - people will call us looking for help with family matters, criminal issues or real estate. Or we'll run into friends or family who know we have a law firm, know where the office is - but do not know what we do.

We want people to know what we do. The image above is our new ad for the phone book. We hope that our message is clear: We Know Injury Law.

1 comment:

  1. Oh you'd be surprised. I write a tax blog and use "taxgirl" as my email address (for almost 10 yrs now) and people still call and ask all sorts of questions about real estate, divorce, etc.

    We've started keeping a list of referrals by the phone for just these occasions.